Moment elephant smashes van window in search of food in Sri Lanka #Moment #elephant #smashes #van #window #search #food #Sri #Lanka

This is the moment a family were left in shock after an elephant charged at their van and smashed through a window searching for food, whilst they were on holiday in Sri Lanka.

Video shows the mammal emerging from the trees in Yala National Park, before suddenly running towards Kasun Basnayake and his family in the van they had hired. It then uses its tusk to smash through the driver’s window and reaches inside the vehicle with its trunk looking for something to eat.

Kasun, from Perth, Western Australia, told the BBC: “It started sniffing around our feet for food and the driver told us to give it anything we had so I fed it my son’s leftover sandwich.”

“He told me to throw the rest out the window so I did and the driver then managed to speed off… Those sandwiches and chips probably saved our lives.”

No injuries were reported during the incident.

#Moment #elephant #smashes #van #window #search #food #Sri #Lanka

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