Senegal’s opposition leader could run for president after a court overturns a ruling barring his bid #Senegals #opposition #leader #run #president #court #overturns #ruling #barring #bid

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Senegal’s opposition leader Ousmane Sonko was ordered to be reinstated on the electoral list Thursday, which could allow him to run for president in February’s election.

The court of first instance’s decision overturned a November ruling by the Supreme Court that effectively barred the detained opposition leader’s bid to run. The state has 10 days to appeal, but has yet to say if it will.

“Law and truth were with us. Ousmane Sonko will be reinstated on the lists and he will take part in the presidential election,” Sonko’s lawyer Bamba Cisse said.

In order to run for president, Sonko must file his candidacy by Dec. 26. Eligible candidates will be announced within the first two weeks of January and the campaign season kicks off the following month.

Sonko finished third in the 2019 presidential election, and his supporters believe that the slew of criminal allegations brought against him since 2021 are part of an orchestrated campaign to derail his political aspirations ahead of a presidential election in February.

In June, Sonko was convicted of corrupting youth but acquitted on charges of raping a woman who worked at a massage parlor and making death threats against her. He was sentenced to two years in prison, which ignited deadly protests across the country.

In late July, Senegalese authorities formally dissolved Sonko’s political party and placed him in detention. He now faces charges of calling for insurrection, conspiracy against the state and other alleged crimes.

Sonko’s party announced Nov. 19 it was sponsoring another candidate for the February presidential election, just days after Senegal’s Supreme Court effectively blocked Sonko’s own bid.

#Senegals #opposition #leader #run #president #court #overturns #ruling #barring #bid

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