6 killed in reported shootout between drug cartels in northern Mexico state of Zacatecas #killed #reported #shootout #drug #cartels #northern #Mexico #state #Zacatecas

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Six people have been killed in a shootout between drug cartel gunmen in the northern Mexico state of Zacatecas, authorities said late Tuesday.

The Zacatecas state security council said the bodies were found in a rural area known as Boquilla del Carmen.

It said the dead appeared to belong to one of the gangs but did not mention its name.

Police and soldiers also found two people wounded, as well as one armed suspect and guns and a grenade. The wounded were taken for treatment.

They also found a kind of rural camp often used by cartels for training and operations like holding kidnapping victims. The council said the camp was destroyed to prevent it being used again

Zacatecas has been the scene of bloody turf battles between the Jalisco and Sinaloa cartels, which often operate through local gangs.

#killed #reported #shootout #drug #cartels #northern #Mexico #state #Zacatecas

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