Cop28 live: ‘time to be ambitious’ says president as summit enters final days | Environment #Cop28 #live #time #ambitious #president #summit #enters #final #days #Environment

These were some of the main developments yesterday at Cop28 in Dubai:

  • Conference president Al Jaber warned that “failure is not an option” as he prepares a final package for delegates.

  • Vulnerable countries were unhappy at the weak language on climate adaptation.

  • Human Rights Day was marked by civil society complaints about restrictions on protest.

  • Experts were worried that carbon emissions trading could become a “black box’ due to inadequate transparency.

  • Global food production will become ‘problematic’ even at 1.5C, a US envoy has predicted.

  • Argentina was due to swear in a new climate-denying president who has reportedly put the tourism minister in charge of the environment.

Good morning! This is Ajit Niranjan, on the 10th day (if we don’t count Thursday’s rest day) of the 28th Conference of the Parties climate change summit, or Cop28.

The Guardian will be liveblogging the negotiations throughout, as always, and we look forward to your contributions: please email me on with thoughts and suggestions. Jonathan Watts ( will be taking over later on.

Yesterday, the Cop president, Sultan Al Jaber, warned the summit that ambition must be stepped up. “The time has come for us to switch gears. We need a text agreed by everyone on greenhouse gases … It boils down to the need for all parties to come to terms (with the fact) that we will deliver the highest ambition. All parties should come to terms with this fact.”

Now that the final stage of the negotiations have begun we are close to finding out just how ambitious this Cop will be.

#Cop28 #live #time #ambitious #president #summit #enters #final #days #Environment

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