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NEW YORK (AP) — Baseball contracts with average annual values of $35 million or more. Figures were obtained by The Associated Press from player and management sources and include all guaranteed income but not income from potential incentive bonuses. There is no distinction for deferred money (x-pending club announcement of final agreement):

Player, Club Years Avg. Salary
x-Shohei Ohtani, LAD 2024-33 $70,000,000
Max Scherzer, NYM-Tex 2022-24 $43,333,333
Justin Verlander, NYM-Hou 2023-24 $43,333,333
Aaron Judge, NYY 2023-31 $40,000,000
Jacob deGrom, Tex 2023-27 $37,000,000
Gerrit Cole, NYY 2020-28 $36,000,000
Mike Trout, LAA 2019-30 $35,514,667
Stephen Strasburg, Was 2020-26 $35,000,000
Anthony Rendon, LAA 2020-26 $35,000,000
Marcus Semien, Tex 2022-27 $35,000,000

#Highest #Baseball #Salaries #News

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