Runaway Kangaroo punches police officer in face in Canada #Runaway #Kangaroo #punches #police #officer #face #Canada

A fugitive kangaroo that spent four days on the run in Canada was caught by police on Monday — but not before it managed to punch an officer in the face.

Durham Regional Police said it received an unlikely call from a member of the public claiming to have seen a kangaroo hopping around in Oshawa, 40 miles east of Toronto.

The kangaroo had escaped while being transferred between zoos and was spotted hopping down the side of a highway by bewildered motorists who then shared videos on social media.

The officers who were dispatched were briefed on the best way to subdue a kangaroo: you grab it by its tail.

“So in accordance with best practise by the handlers, the officers just actually grabbed it by the tail and they were able to to safely keep her detained in the area,” Staff Sergeant Chris Boileau told reporters Monday.

“Only one of the officers was struck in the face during the apprehension but he’ll be just fine and we won’t be continuing the investigation,” Boileau added.

Officers jumped at the chance to bring the freedom-seeking marsupial into custody at around 3 a.m. Monday while it had “stopped to take a little break,” police said in a statement.

“The kangaroo gave up and surrendered peacefully to police officers,” the statement said. “She then received a ride in one of our K9 kennels back to the zoo where she is being examined.”

Park supervisor and head keeper at the Oshawa Zoo and Fun Farm, Cameron Preyde, told CBC that the animal managed to “jump over” its handlers during a planned brief rest stop at the facility late on Thursday, on its way to Quebec.

The handlers attempted to search for the kangaroo, who is about four years old and was being transported alongside her adult offspring, but it was dark.

The unnamed 4-year-old female kangaroo is now due to travel to Quebec after a period of rest, where handlers may be keeping a closer eye on her than normal.

#Runaway #Kangaroo #punches #police #officer #face #Canada

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