Denny Laine of Wings and Moody Blues dies at 79 #Denny #Laine #Wings #Moody #Blues #dies

Denny Laine, the British star musician who co-founded the iconic rock bands The Moody Blues and Paul McCartney’s Wings, has died.

He was 79. 

Laine died “peacefully” Tuesday morning at his home following “health setbacks” from interstitial lung disease, his wife, Elizabeth Hines, shared on his Facebook page.

“I was at his bedside, holding his hand as I played his favorite Christmas songs for him. He’s been singing Christmas songs the past few weeks and I continued to play Christmas songs while he’s been in ICU on a ventilator this past week,” she wrote.

Hines said that the couple was hopeful he’d “overcome his health setbacks and return to the rehabilitation center and eventually home.”

“Unfortunately, his lung disease, Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD), is unpredictable and aggressive; each infection weakened and damaged his lungs. He fought everyday. He was so strong and brave, never complained,” she wrote.

She thanked his fans, who “sent him so much love” over the past few months, and also his surgeons, doctors and nurses.

“I thank you all for sending both of us love and support. It was my absolute honor and privilege to not only be his wife, but to care for him during his illness and vulnerability,” Hines said.

She remembered her husband as “an amazingly wonderful person, so loving and sweet to me,” who made her days “colorful.”

“Thank you sweetie for loving me, for all the laughter, friendship, fun and for asking me to be your wife. I will love you forever,” she wrote.

Denny Laine, Linda McCartney, and Paul McCartney in 1977.
Denny Laine, Linda McCartney and Paul McCartney in 1977.Gems / Redferns

Laine helped form The Moody Blues in 1964 with hits like “Nights in White Satin” and “Go Now.” Laine was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a Moody Blues member in 2018. 

In 1971, he joined McCartney and his wife, Linda, to form Wings, helping write the songs “Don’t Let It Bring You Down” and “London Town.” After his time with Wings, he continued to make music in a solo career.

#Denny #Laine #Wings #Moody #Blues #dies

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