See how often candidates attack one another at the Republican debate #candidates #attack #Republican #debate

After months of campaigning in early-voting primary states, Wednesday night’s debate is the first chance for many GOP presidential candidates to speak directly to the American people. But what will they do with their time? 

Will they go after Donald Trump, as Chris Christie has done in his campaign? Will they try to cut down other candidates’ momentum, the way a pro-Ron DeSantis super PAC wants the Florida governor to “take a sledgehammer” to businessman Vivek Ramaswamy? Or will they focus their attacks on President Joe Biden and Democrats?

Candidate attacks can reveal which contender the field is worried about at that moment. During the 2020 Democratic primaries, different candidates earned the ire of their fellow contenders when their campaigns had momentum. Biden was the most attacked candidate at the third Democratic debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was attacked the most at the fourth debate, and everyone attacked former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the ninth debate.

NBC News will track every attack, barb and criticism Wednesday night. The graphic below will update automatically throughout the debate.

#candidates #attack #Republican #debate

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